Saturday 17 October 2015

First trek to Horagina Betta

I first saw this event created by Bangalore Trekking Club(BTC) in Facebook on Friday (9th Oct, 2015). I registered for the event on that spot itself because they've limited registrations and all those will get filled within couple of hours.

It is Oct 11th, 2015. We all, a team of 15 enthusiastic trekkers gathered at Majestic bus stand around 7 : 30 AM and nobody got introduced. Very soon we got the bus to reach Horagina betta(also called as brahmagiri) and this one and half hour journey to reach the destination made all of us to know each other with a couple of dumb charades acts. We reached our destination around 9 AM and got down at a hotel where we charged ourselves with the South Indian breakfast and packed our lunch in boxes to have at the peak of Horagina betta.

Then, what next, we started our trek. Among the 15 trekkers, there were 7 first timers who are trekking with BTC including myself. By the way, this is our team. Gaurav Kamath(Our lead, and organizer), Rakshit(trailing the team), Mr & Mrs Phani, Anu priya, Viswanadh, Naveen, Gaurav Upadhyay(GU), Shaifali, Saurabh, Madhu, Manjunath, Keerthi, Sindhu and myself Manikanta. It was around 10:30 AM, we started. We could see Nandi and brahmagiri hills side by side from our starting point. Nandi hill, being a famous tourist place the path to go the top of nandi is very clear and is not a suitable place for trekking. But Horagina betta is best to trek for the first timers and silent place for peace loving people. The peak of horagina betta is visible, yet far.

During our way, we took so many snaps, we have silly chit chats, most of us are non kannadigas and we try to speak our own kannada and had loads of fun. After 1 hour, We reached a point where we have 2 ways to go to the destination. Route 1: A bit long path, but you may find tender coconut and cucumber to eat. Route 2: A bit shorter way to go, but you won't find anything. Finally, we decided to go in the Route 1 and Yes! We found Coconut water and cucumber, to quench our thirst.
In short time, we started our real trekking. The path was slippery due to sand, later it was bit slant, huge grey rocky path. At this point we have wonderful view of 3 other hills Nandi, skandhagiri and chennagiri. We reached saneshwara temple on the hill and were few meters away from the peak. The path became very narrow here and it was almost covered by the plants and we some how managed to go through it. At the end of this path, we finally reached our destination . It was 2 PM then. We saw the clouds adjacent and bit far from us, it was raining over that place and it seems like the cloud is filling the gap between itself and land. we have a breathe taking view from the top. We had our sumptuous lunch, which we got packed from the hotel and shared parata, fruits brought by our trekkers. Our Gaurav decided to play a game, which brought fun and boosted our energy levels and we're enjoying the moment. We took so many photos locking our moments exploring there.

We started our way down at 3 PM to reach our starting point. We need to go down by 4 30, because there's only one bus and we need to catch it. This time, we came down by Route 2, the shorter way. During our way down, we're sharing our previous trekking experiences and our challenges. Listening to their experiences, we also want to explore those places. Around 4 30, we reached our starting point before the bus. We had the snacks at the same hotel, where we have breakfast. In no time the bus came and we all got into it.

Finally a beautiful trek came to an end and we have to leave. We all have one feeling in common, we're not stopping with this trek. Slowly one by one got down and bus reached majestic at 6 15 PM where we all dispersed with loads of memories at Horagina betta with our wonderful co-trekkers.

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